Census 2022: Data collection period for Male’ area extended

From the census work. (Photo/Census 2022)

The data collection period for Male’ Area under Census 2022 has been extended.

Maldives Bureau of Statistics (MBS) commenced Census 2022 on Tuesday.

The data collected in Census 2022 includes the population of locals and expatriates in each island, the rate at which the population is growing, the age composition, and migration rates, as well as social and economic status.

Initially, data collection for census was planned till September 25. However, the data period collection for Male’ area has been extended till September 27.

MBS attributed the extension to not receiving the anticipated number of enumerators required to carry out the data collection in Male’ area.

In a previous statement, MBS highlighted cooperation from the public for Census 2022. 4,300 enumerators are involved in the data collection for census as of Tuesday, who are visiting all homes across all islands.

Maldives held its first national census in 1911, and had census every ten years until it was discontinued in 1931.

The last census, held in 2014, placed Maldives’ population at 402,071.