Census 2022: Maldivian population grow by 16,897 locals, 33,527 foreigners

A group of Maldivian people.

Results of ‘Census 2022’ shows that the Maldivian population grew by 16,897 locals and 33,527 foreigners over the last eight years.

Statistics publicized by Maldives Bureau of Statistics (MBS) on Thursday shows that the local population of Maldives was 338,434 during the census conducted in 2014. The number has increased to 355,331 as of this year. Back then, the foreign population of Maldives stood at 63,637 – which has now increase to 97,164.

Therewith, the current total population of Maldives is 452,495 – an increase by 50,424 compared to 2014’s 402,071.

MBS states that the foreigners recorded in Census 2022 amounts to just 65 percent of the total immigrant population shown by Maldives Immigration records. Therewith, they stressed that efforts were presently underway to complete the census of immigrant population by collaborating with employers that have recruited migrant workers.

They also noted that only 89 percent of Maldivians living abroad have been recorded in Census 2022. Thus, efforts are also underway to obtain details of pending persons.