Waleeda leaves JP after 12 years, backs President Solih

Waleeda Waleed (L) with President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih (R). (Photo/Avas)

Waleeda Waleed, who is serving as Deputy Minister at the Heritage Ministry on a Jumhoory Party (JP) slot, has left the party in support of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s re-election.

Waleeda, who joined JP in 2011, told Sun on Thursday that she decided to leave JP following the party’s decision to run in the presidential election independently.

“I believe President Solih deserves a second term. This administration didn’t get five years, it only got three,” he said.

Waleeda said her decision wasn’t guided by the need to protect her job. She said that President Solih has values which she believes in.

She also said she did not wish to speak ill of JP’s leader Qasim Ibrahim either.

Waleeda, however, questioned the sincerity of the current leaders of JP. She said she does not see JP winning the election by running independently.

In her 12 years with JP, Waleeda served two terms as president of the Women’s Wing.

Prior to joining politics, Waleeda had been a popular actress.

Waleeda is the latest JP politician in President Solih’s administration to leave the party following its decision not to back his re-election. This includes Minister at the President’s Office Ahmed Sameer and Immigration Controller Mohamed Ahmed Hussain (Hanafy).