10 JP candidates file forms, including Qasim and Nahula

JP's leader Qasim Ibrahim (R) and spouse, Aishath Nahula (L). (Sun Photo/Ahmed Aushan Ilyas)

Jumhoory Party (JP) is contesting 10 out of 93 seats in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

The party’s candidates filed their candidacy with the Elections Commission (EC) on Tuesday.

They are:

  • JP leader and Maamigili MP, Qasim Ibrahim, Maamigili seat
  • Aishath Nahula, Qasim’s spouse and former transport minister, South Hulhumale’ seat
  • Kendhoo MP Ali Hussain: Kendhoo seat
  • JP deputy leader Dr. Ameen Ibrahim: West Henveiru seat
  • Abdulla Ameen, former health minister: Ungoofaaru seat
  • Azleen Ahmed, former home minister: Dhuvaafaru seat
  • Abdulla Ahmed, former South Thinadhoo MP: North Thinadhoo seat
  • Hussain Shahudhee, former Hanimaadhoo MP: Nolhivaram seat
  • Nisama Mohamed: Dhaandhoo seat
  • Mohamed Nasir: Eydhafushi seat

The latest information released by the EC shows JP has over 20,000 members. However, despite the high membership numbers, Qasim won just 5,460 votes in in the first round of the 2023 presidential elections.

JP did not back any candidate during the runoff. However, Qasim has been making increasingly pro-government comments in recent weeks, and ruling PPM-PNC coalition has decided it will not contest the Maamigili seat, as a sign of respect to Qasim.

The JP currently has two seats in the Parliament, represented by Qasim and Ali Hussain.