Jabir: Qasim and Nasheed politically ‘bankrupt’

Kaashidhoo MP Abdulla Jabir. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Kaashidhoo MP Abdulla Jabir has described Jumhoory Party (JP)’s leader Qasim Ibrahim and Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) leader Mohamed Nasheed as politically ‘bankrupt’.

Jabir, who is working on registering his new party, Green Party, told Sun on Saturday that Qasim, who recently decided against backing President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s re-election bid, did not have much support among the Maldivian people.

He said that “true leaders” were backing President Solih’s re-election.

JP, which is part of the current coalition government, decided earlier this week that it would not back President Solih and run independently instead.

Nasheed, who also serves as Parliament speaker, has been engaged in talks for a potential alliance with Qasim for the presidential election scheduled for September 9.

Jabir criticized Nasheed’s ‘Fikuregge Dhirun’ movement. He said that ‘Fikuregge Dhirun’ was unregistered, and that it wasn’t clear if it was an organization, a party, or a movement.

“Qasim and Nasheed are now politically bankrupt. They no longer have any popularity. The real chairmen are ready to re-elect President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih for a second term,” he said.

Kaashidhoo MP Abdulla Jabir (L) with President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih (R). (Photo/President's Office)

Jabir said that his Green Party now has over 3,000 members, and that he will submit the forms to the Elections Commission within the next one-month period, once the number tops 5,000.

He said that his party was widely popular among the youth.

“I am ready to elect President Solih for a second term. He has the full support of the Green Party,” he said.

Jabir said he has no doubt the government will win re-election by a landslide.