Census 2022: Official results to be announced on March 30th

From the census work. (Photo / Census 2022)

Maldives Bureau of Statistics (MBS), on Tuesday, stated that the official results of ‘Census 2022’ will be announced on March 30th.

MBS began taking census on September 13th last year. However, they have yet to disclose the statistics gathered during the course.

In a statement on Tuesday – MBS said that they will only be releasing basic statistics this time around. They include;

  • Population – Number of Maldivians and foreigners, their ages and gender
  • Households – Number of households, average residency in households
  • Places where data was gathered from out of the census list; buildings, houses, flats, apartments and labor quarters

MBS states that they will disclose further information on a date to be announced later.

They also noted that efforts were still underway to validate statistics gathered with respect to the working population as part of coding the data pertaining to industries, occupations, and sectors. MBS said further details will be disclosed based on the progress of this work.

While many have expressed concern over delays in the disclosure of Census 2022 results – MBS said their aim is to publicize the data as extensively to allow referencing the data during decision-making processes. They also requested cooperation from the public as the census was national-level work.

Maldives held its first national census in 1911 and had a census every ten years until it was discontinued in 1931.

The last census, held in 2014, placed Maldives’ population at 402,071.