Release of local who came to receive 2 kilo drugs trafficked into Maldives appealed

High Court of the Maldives. (Sun File Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

The prosecution has appealed Criminal Court’s release of the Maldivian who came to receive 2.2 kilos of drugs trafficked into the Maldives by a Swiss national to the High Court.

Cocaine weighing 2.2-kilos were discovered from the luggage of a 58-year-old Swiss man who arrived in the Maldives on December 25th.

Customs searched his luggage as a scan showed it to be containing a false bottom. During the search, three rubber packets containing 2.2-kilo cocaine concealed within the luggage were seized.

In a control delivery operation carried out with cooperation from the drug trafficker – the local who came to receive the luggage was arrested.

Criminal Court ordered the release of the local on March 2nd.

The presiding judge who ordered the suspect's release reasoned that although there was sufficient evidence to bring charges against the suspect – there was no reason to extend remand pending the outcome of the trial with reference to how the events unfolded in the case in addition to why the suspect had to go to the scene.

The release was appealed to High Court on Monday.