Ex-AG Dr. Munavvar to contest in 2023’s presidential election

Former Attorney General Dr. Mohamed Munavvar speaking at a press conference. (Sun Photo/Ibrahim Shamveel)

Former Attorney General Mohamed Muavvaar has announced his decision to contest the upcoming presidential elections.

Dr. Munavvar, who has previously served as the leader of Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), confirmed his decision to contest in the election to Sun, while also noting his campaign office was inaugurated on Sunday.

Dr. Munavvar said that he decided to contest in the election over fears of the Maldives falling into ruins; a fear, he states, is not only felt by him, but also others. He also stressed all matters were of concern.

“Agreed (to contest the election) after discussions with the people. The country is in ruins. Independence is up for question. All turmoil. No order,” he said.

Dr. Munavvar stated that political parties forming coalitions based on their individual interests served no benefit to the people. Therewith, he stressed the importance of incepting a government centered around national unity.

Former Attorney General Mohamed Muavvaar's campaign office for 2023's presidential election.

“I am contesting, by will of God, to form a coalition with Maldivian citizens. To form a government centered around national unity to order the nation,” he said.

Dr. Munavvar said that he would undertake efforts to brief the people on his purpose and policies in addition to gaining their support in the time left till the election.

His campaign logo is a white tern, commonly found in Addu City.

After his loss in the presidential primary of MDP for 2008’s election, Dr. Munnavar distanced himself from political matters. After years away from politics, he made a quiet return to the political arena very recently. In this regard, he had campaigned for MDP’s leader, Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed in the party’s presidential primary held last month.