DED officer arrested from drug-fueled party to be sacked

File photo of the Maldives Police Service badge displayed on the uniform of a police officer.

Police Disciplinary Board has decided to dismiss the officer from Drug Enforcement Department (DED) who was arrested in a raid on a drug-fueled party in an apartment in Male’ City back in last year’s November.

Police arrested 12 suspects from the party – eight males and four females – which Sun has learned was at H. Sosun Manzil. Approximately one-kilo of party drugs were seized from the premise. The DED officer included among the arrestees was identified as Hassan Shujau.

In an earlier statement announcing Shujau’s suspension – Police said that he was under both criminal and administrative investigation.

Police Spokesperson Yoonus Sobah told Sun Wednesday that Police Disciplinary Board, after Professional Standard Command forwarded Shujau’s case, had decided to dismiss him

“Because the appeal period to the Appeal’s Committee as stipulated by the Police Act has not expired yet, whereas he remains in extended suspension, he is presently still employed,” Yoonus added.

In an earlier remark, Police detailed that Shujau was a member of the DED team that takes stock of the drugs seized in operations.

However, they emphasized that the protocol for the management of drugs seized in operations does not allow for him or any other officer to misuse the drugs.

They also provided assurance that they will pursue action against suspects arrested for crimes, regardless of whether they are police officers or normal citizens.

The suspects arrested in the drug-fueled party also included local movie stars Aminath Rishfa and Hunaisa Adam Naseer (Hunoo). Both of them who are suspected of using and selling drugs have since been released from custody.