Nasheed asks to expedite 18 prominent bills in committee stage

Speaker of Parliament, former President Mohamed Nasheed presides over a parliamentary sitting. (Photo/People's Majilis)

Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed has appealed to parliamentarians to expedite work on 18 bills currently in committee stages at the parliament.

While presiding over Wednesday’s parliamentary sitting – Nasheed stressed that many prominent bills in committee stages remained incomplete. Therewith, he appealed to parliamentarians to expedite work on those bills – whether be it by allocating additional hours for committee works.

“Most earnestly requesting honorable members to extend committee hours in order ensure these works are completed during the prevailing session,” he said.

Bills highlighted by Nasheed;

  • Bill on Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Bill on Companies Act
  • Bill on Bankruptcy
  • Two bills to amend the Courts Act
  • Bill to amend Judges Act
  • Bill to amend Evidence Act
  • Bill on Animal Health
  • Bill on Food Security
  • Bill to amend Decentralization Act
  • Bill on Insurance
  • Bill on Asset and Interest Declaration
  • Bill to amend Freedom of Assembly Act
  • Bill on Sea Vessels
  • Bill on Vehicles


Nasheed said that works on aforesaid bills have been stalled over various reasons. He cited some of the reasoning as some bills required discussions with the government and needing conformity.