National oratory competition’s office debate segment begins

A student participates in the National Oratory Competition. (Sun Photo)

Two rounds of the lower secondary category have concluded and the office, club and organization’s debate segment has begun in this year’s edition of the annual national oratory competition organized by the Dhivehi Bahuge Academy (DBA).

DBA reports the competition is going smoothly, and with huge support from participants.

The first round of the office debate segment has now concluded.

Students participate in the National Oratory Competition. (Sun Photo)

Total six teams are competing in the segment.

One of the competing students told Sun that the competition has led to students learning new information on various subjects.

“The biggest reason why such a competition is so important to us is the knowledge we gain. We have learnt so much about literature, about economics, and about heritage. Heritage, in particular, is a subject we knew little about,” said Raif Ahmed, a student from Rehendhi School.

Ahmed Raif. (Sun Photo)

Raif described the competition as an opportunity to develop his skills in a competitive environment.

“The advise I would give other students based on my own experience in this competition is this; practice, practice, practice. This is what is most important. The other thing is something that even the judges often comment about – substance. So, we must think consider the substance. We must seek knowledge,” he said.

Many of the teachers commented that the arrangements were better this year than in previous competitions.

Ahmed Raif participates in the National Oratory Competition. (Sun Photo)

This year’s competition is being held with 363 students from 32 schools; 19 schools in Male’ and 13 schools from other islands.

169 students participated in the lower secondary category, 155 students in secondary, and 36 students in higher secondary.

The competition is being held with total 411 participants.