Authorities yet to complete forensic analysis in Faisal’s suicide

Aboobakr Faisal.

Authorities have yet to complete forensic analysis in the death of the suspect in the murder of his wife who hanged himself in the holding cell of a police station, according to the National Integrity Commission (NIC).

Nishama Mohamed, 28, was found dead in her home in HDh. Nolhivaram on December 10, 2022. Her husband, Aboobakr Faisal, 32, ADh. Fenfushi, had initially fled to HDh. Kulhudhuffushi, before he turned himself in to the police and was subsequently arrested.

He was found hanging in a holding cell at the Kulhudhuffushi Police Station on December 12, 2022.

An official from NIC told Sun on Monday that the commission was getting statements and conducting forensic analysis.

“We have yet to complete conducting the forensic analysis,” said the official.

The commission declined to disclose any details regarding the case.

Faisal died in the Kulhudhuffushi Regional Hospital on December 19, 2022, a week after he was found hanging in his cell.

Police said they would continue to investigate Nishama’s murder, despite Faisal’s death.

An autopsy conducted overseas showed Nishama died by asphyxiation.