Adu building set as focal point for presidential elections

Building where Public Service Media's radio station, Dhivehi Raajjeyge Adu is located. (File Photo/PSM)

A wing of the building where the state radio, Dhivehi Raajjeyge Adu, is operated has been allocated to be used as the focal point for the presidential elections scheduled for this year.

Elections Commission’s (EC) Vice President Islamic Habeeb confirmed to Sun on Tuesday of having received confirmation that Adu building will be arranged to be used as the focal point for the presidential election by the end of this month.

“PSM has informed us via a letter that Adu building will be arranged for usage as the focal point (for the presidential election) by 28th of this month,” he said.

Habeeb noted that assurances have also been provided by the President’s Office to EC regarding the matter.

Previously, old Jamaaluddin School building had been used as the focal point during elections. However, as the new Arabiyya School building is under construction at the location, the government decided to provide an alternative.

EC reported the highest expenditure for this year’s presidential election will be incurred on training officials, administrative works and printing ballot papers.

A budget of MVR 90 million has been allocated for the presidential election.

While the election has been scheduled for September 9th by EC, if a second round is called for, the second round will be held on September 30th