BML lifts USD ATM withdrawal limit

BML USD ATM center in Male'. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Bank of Maldives (BML) has lifted the monthly limit on withdrawal of US dollars from ATMs.

The change is effective Wednesday.

BML had previously imposed a monthly USD ATM withdrawal limit of USD 2,000.

In a statement Wednesday, the bank said customers can now withdraw up to USD 1,600 daily from the bank’s USD ATMs.

BML has USD ATMs at H. Marine Dream in Male’, the Velana International Airport in Hulhule’, and the Renaatus Ithaa Muiy apartment complex in Hulhumale’.

Meanwhile, customers who have USD accounts set as their primary accounts can conduct foreign transactions of up to USD 3,000 daily. Customers can also do international money transfers with their USD accounts through internet and mobile banking.

While BML has lifted the limit on USD ATM withdrawals, the limit on debit and credit card transactions remain in place. As such, the monthly USD transaction limit on credit cards is USD 750, and the monthly USD transaction limit on debit cards of customers who have their MVR account set as their primary is USD 250.

BML had imposed the USD ATM withdrawal limit during the Covid-19 pandemic.