Dhivehi Language Academy hosts Poetry Gathering of 2023

Local artist performing at the poets gathering held on the occasion of the 35th National Poetry Day.

In celebration of the 35th National Poetry Day, the Dhivehi Language Academy on Monday night held a special gathering for poets. 

The gathering was inaugurated by renowned poet Ramla Abdul Ghanee, who won the National Award for the promotion of poetry. This years National Poetry celebrations were dedicated to her as well. 

Attendees include the Minister of Heritage Yuma Maumoon, numerous poets and other individuals in the literary field. 

Unlike other years, this time the gathering was held with live music, in a similar manner to the music shows held previously in Maldives.

The show was very well received by the audience, who throughly enjoyed the performances.

The poems were brought to life with music by local group “Venus Band”. They performed a variety of songs and poems, including older classic pieces as well.

This includes poems by infamous poets such as Bodufenvalhugey Seedhi and Hussain Salaahuddeen.

Some of the current well known individuals in the poetry world that participated are, Abdualla Afeef, Hassan Shakir, Adam Haleem Adhnaan, Adam Naseer Ibrahim and Eesa Shareef.

Speaking about this event, the Dhivehi Language Academy said that the purpose of such a gathering was to bring together poets to one place to enhance their bonds. They also noted the success of this years events. 

This years gathering was a joint effort of the academy, Male’ City Council and Center for the Arts.