Nasheed calls for action against individuals attempting to ‘ruin’ primary

MDP leader and Parliament speaker, former president Mohamed Nasheed casts his ballot in the MDP presidential primary on January 28, 2023. (Sun Photo/Mohamed Shathiu)

Maldivian Democratic Party’s (MDP) Leader, Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed alleging some people were attempting to ’ruin’ the party’s ongoing presidential primary, has urged action against such persons.

The presidential primary which has 57,255 eligible voters kicked off at 9:00am this morning. Nasheed, alongside President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih are the two candidates contesting in the election.

Nasheed said that some of his supporters and observers at voting stations have been arrested. He called upon their immediate release.

He emphasized the need to take action against individuals working to ‘ruin’ the election.

“Calling to take action against those working to ruin the election,” he said.

Disturbances were reported across multiple voting stations in Male’ area and atolls following which voting was temporarily ceased. Three people were also arrested from two islands over disturbances.

Two of the suspects were arrested from GDh. Rathafandhoo, and one from GDh. Thinadhoo.

The two arrested from Rathafandhoo were observers representing MDP’s leader and Parliament speaker Mohamed Nasheed.

Allegations have come to light of some individuals not named in the voters’ list casting their vote and some people even voting twice. MDP reiterated that voting will go on despite the disturbances.