Cargo boat wrecks on reef off Hulhimendhoo

Cargo boat wrecks on reef off L. Hulhimendhoo on January 17, 2023. (Photo/MNDF)

A cargo boat carrying supplies to a resort in southern Maldives ran aground a reef off the uninhabited island of L. Hulhimendhoo early Tuesday, prompting Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF)’s Coast Guard to deploy soldiers to provide assistance.

The incident was reported to MNDF at approximately 02:07 am Tuesday.

According to MNDF, the loaded cargo boat, ‘Bonito Carrier’ was traveling from Male’ City to the Canareef Resort Maldives in Addu when it ran aground on the reef to the north of Hulhimendhoo.

Soldiers from the Central Area Coast Guard Third Squadron were deployed to assist the boat.

According to MNDF, the 85-foot boat had been travelling with six crew members when the incident took place.

However, none of the crew members were injured in the incident.

Maamendhoo Council’s president Hassan Rameez told Sun that work is underway to refloat the boat using a landing craft.

“They asked for our assistance at dawn, for a vessel to tow the boat,” he said.