Nizaar: All requests fulfilled, Addu residents must elect Pres. Solih for a second term

Addu City Mayor Ali Nizaar speaks at a campaign event of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

Addu City Mayor Ali Nizaar, underscoring all requests of Addu residents have been fulfilled by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, has remarked that the city’s residents must vote for President Solih for a second term.

President Solih traveled to Addu City’s Feydhoo to campaign for the upcoming Maldivian Democratic Party’s (MDP) presidential primary.

Speaking at a campaign event, Addu Mayor Nizaar said that a second term was deserved for President Solih.

Underscoring that Addu residents were with MDP because of their fondness towards the party’s policies – he said that the policies can only be enforced if MDP remains in power.

He added that this could only be easily achieved by President Solih.  

“We are happy because all work necessary to fulfill the pledges made to Addu residents to become elected have been carried out by the government when coming back to seek our support after applying for a second term,” Nizaar said.

Noting that manifesto for Addu’s development was created with the collective needs of Addu residents – Mayor Nizaar said that President Solih was working towards fulfilling all matters listed in the manifesto.

“Addu City is the island with the largest population in the Maldives. Development of Addu City is a difficult task for each administration. Nevertheless, evidence at all districts of Addu City shows that if work is carried out with proper planning, it can be done,” he said.

On this note, Mayor Nizaar said that Addu road development project was amongst the largest project initiated at Addu City by President Solih’s administration – which will see the development of roads up to 100 kilometers up to modern standards, with asphalt.

He added there was guarantee that the land reclamation project can be commenced before June, which would add 198 hectares to the city.

“Hopefully, we will go to this year’s presidential election after completing Addu City roads,” he emphasized.

Nizaar also noted that the development of Gan International Airport is scheduled to commence soon.

Speaking at today’s event, President Solih remarked that MDP would not exist without the support of Addu residents. He also stated that Maldives would not have developed with Addu City’s development.