EC President Fuad: Will arrange extensive observation, election will be fair

Elections Commission chairman Fuad Thaufeeq. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

The President of the Election Commission (EC) Fuad Thaufeeq said that to make this year’s Presidential Election fair, arrangements will be made for observers to watch over the processing as extensively as possible.

Speaking during a programme aired by RaajjeTv, Fuad said that just as in every other election, international observers will be given opportunities to take part this time as well.

“We warmly welcome observers. Will open the opportunity to all political parties. Even if requested to be placed by each ballot box, that can also be done. We invite the media as well.”

Additionally, Fuad said that invitation will be extended for international media to observe the election. He added that due to this, arrangements will be made so solid, that an error cannot be made mistakenly even.

“[We want] observers from as many countries as possible to observe as openly as possible…”

Fuad further reiterated that opening observations widely will ensure a fair and transparent election.

The Election Commission is gearing up to hold Presidential Election in September. The dates are yet to be announced. 

However, the commission has previously said that the first round of voting will be held on September 2 or 9.