Council: Dhiggaru residents’ sufferings from wave surges ended by current administration

Wave surges at M; Dhiggaru. (Photo/Dhiggaru Council)

M. Dhiggaru Council has stated that the island’s residents’ sufferings arising from wave surges, a problem they have faced since first populated, was only brought to an end by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s administration.

Before the current administration solved the longstanding problem – Dhiggaru residents were under constant fear and worry during the northeast monsoon (Iruvai Moosun) as the island sees periods where they experience wave surges during the season resulting in significant damage to their goods and properties.

Speaking to Sun regarding the development efforts at Dhiggaru in the four years of President Solih’s administration – Dhiggaru Council President Ahmed Nishan said that the wave surge issue was a pertinent concern of the island’s residents that all previous administrations have failed to address.

Nishan said that during periods of wave surges – residents are often forced to stay awake during the night in order to guard their homes and goods.

Wave surges at M; Dhiggaru. (Photo/Dhiggaru Council)

“The previous administration talked about constructing a drainage in that area to solve the issue. These talks came to end without producing any results. As part of the coastal protection project underway at present – the construction of revetment has been completed. After this, wave surges were not experienced during last year’s northeast monsoon,” he detailed.

Nishan said that Dhiggaru residents were very satisfied with the government for ending such a long-suffering.

Shore protection works at M. Dhiggaru.

Speaking further, Nishan also noted that a major land reclamation project was initiated by the government at Dhiggaru to ease the space constraints faced at the island – which would also bring an end to difficulties faced by the residents on this end.

Noting that Dhiggaru reclamation was officially inaugurated during former President Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom’s administration in 1998 – Nishan said that the project ceased without much progress.

M. Dhiggaru before land reclamation. (Photo/Dhiggaru Council)

“During President Maumoon’s administration, that dream was played with. Land reclamation at Dhiggaru was officially inaugurated back then. But the work came to a halt, and we were left with no hope. Residents were expressing this as their most pertinent concern. The current administration decided to reclaim 25 hectares of land amidst these complaints, and that work is ongoing now,” he had said.  

The government initiated projects a major land reclamation project at Dhiggaru – contracting the work to Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) mid last year.

M. Dhiggaru after land reclamation. (Photo/Dhiggaru Council)

The project valued at MVR 121.86 million involves reclamation operations of 25 hectares, construction of a 384m rock boulder revetment, a 287m rock boulder breakwater.

Dhiggaru which has a population of 1,445 people measures only 10 hectares previously. The added 25 hectares with enlarge the island to 35 hectares.