Nine months in prison for cop convicted of assaulting ex-wife

Protesters hold an anti-rape rally in Male' City on June 29, 2020. (File Photo/Sun/Fayaz Moosa)

The Criminal Court has sentenced a police officer to nine months in prison for assaulting his former spouse after kicking down the door to her apartment.

Ahmed Irshad, Galaxy, Dh. Bandidhoo, was pressed with three charges in the case; causing bodily injury, destruction of property, and trespass.

The incident took place close to sunset on June 9, 2018, when Irshad had been serving as a police officer.

According to the state, Irshad had called his ex-wife and went to the residence of his ex-wife and children carrying some items for them with a friend, also a police officer. His friend waited outside while Irushad climbed to the second floor, where the apartment was located. However, his ex-wife denied him entrance and told him to leave.

Eye witnesses testified that he proceeded to pound on the door, before kicking it open and entering the apartment.

Seven people lived in the apartment; Irshad’s ex-wife and their two children, and another couple and their three children.

Irshad’s ex-wife testified that he physically assaulted her after he forced himself into the apartment. The couple living in the apartment collaborated her testimony.

The couple said they had to intervene to stop the attack.

Irushad had denied all three charges.

The Criminal Court issued its verdict in the case Wednesday.

The court found Irshad guilty on all three charges based on witness testimony, despite his denial.

He was sentenced to seven months and six days in prison for trespass, two months and three days for inflicting bodily harm, and nine days for destruction of property.