High Court accepts appeal of same case twice

People outside the High Court on February 15, 2021. (File Photo/Sun/Fayaz Moosa)

It has been revealed that a case that has already reached a verdict in the High Court has been appealed and will be tried in the courtroom once more.

The case, seeking child support, was appealed to the High Court in March 2021, after the ruling of the Family Court, they concluded that there was no legal basis to change the verdict of the Family Court.

The verdict of the Family Court verdict was appealed for the second time with High Court in February of this year. The court accepted the appeal, citing an error in the amount the Family Court had set as child support payments.

However, in the ruling issued Monday, the High Court said there was no record the case had been appealed with the court before. 

The father was the one who appealed to the High Court regarding child support payments. The fact that the High Court had already passed its verdict on the case was brought to light by the mother of the children.

Three judges unanimously agreed that the case cannot be reopened twice and that the case would now have to be appealed with the Supreme Court.