Laamu Atoll council hosts atoll-wide oratory competition

A student speaking at the oratory competition held by Laamu Atoll council. (Photo / Laamu Atoll Council)

Laamu Atoll council hosted an oratory competition for all the schools of the atoll.

The Dhivehi Language Academy provided technical assistance for this competition. Hence, the council expressed their gratitude to the academy’s President Dr Ashraf Abdul Raheem for the assistance towards the students in preparing for the competition, as well as arranging judges for it.

The council noted that the competition was conducted with the generous assistance of many. Highlighting contributors such as Maldives Transport and Contacting Company (MTCC), Dhiraagu, Villa College, Maldives National University’s (MNU) campus in Gan, and MI College, the council expressed their gratitude towards them.

According to the council, the biggest aim of this competition was to create a love of oratory among students, as well promote speaking skills. 

The competition was held from Wednesday, 26th October till Saturday, October 29th.

A total of 19 students took part in the competition from 10 different schools of Laamu Atoll.