Mental Health Center opens in Hulhumale’ Hospital

First Lady Fazna Ahmed inaugurating the Mental Health Center in Hulhumale' Hospital. (Photo / President's Office)

A Mental Health Center was officially opened and commenced services in Hulhumale’ Hospital on Monday.

The center was inaugurated during a special ceremony, by First Lady Fazna Ahmed. Vice President Faisal Naseem also took part in the ceremony along with her.

The newly opened center has two consultation rooms, two treatment rooms, and a conference room.

Services commenced with two psychologists and two psychiatrists.

Sharing information with Sun about this center, Hulhumale’ Hospital revealed that the phycologists will treat around 12 – 15 patients per day, while the psychiatrists will consult 30 patients daily.

In addition to this, a psychiatrist will be on-call 24 hours a day.

Some of the services available from the center are psychiatrist consultations, psychological assessment, psychotherapy, counseling, and cadabams.  

Additionally, after consultation with psychiatrists, they will refer patients to psychologists. Patients will be given relaxation therapy, and psychotherapy with CBT, and DBT, as per Hulhumale’ Hospital.

Providing further information about the center to Sun, Front Office, and Public Relations Manager of Hulhumale’ Hospital Abdulla Mauroof said that the hospital has been running different departments separately even before.

The hospital believes that having a separate center would ensure that the duration people spend on waiting lists for treatment will be cut short.

“Establishing a mental health center is to provide ease to those seeking treatment. The population of Hulhumale’ is growing. Therefore, we need to provide the treatments people seek with ease from Hulhumale’ Hospital.”

Mauroof went on to state that there are plans to introduce group therapy, school counseling, and community mental health programs to the center in the future.

Prior to this, the only mental health center was located in IGMH. 

To make appointments for the center, patients can reach out via the 24-hour hotline number 1417.