Verdict in Nadheem’s murder trial postponed again

The men charged with the murder of Nadheem Abdul Raheem (Nadey), 24, from HA. Thakandhoo.

The Criminal Court has postponed its verdict in the 2017 murder of Nadheem Abdul Raheem (Nadey) for the second time.

Nadheem, 24, HA. Thakandhoo, was stabbed while inside the Terminal Café in Male’ City on July 27, 2017. He died from injuries he sustained in the attack two days later, on July 29, 2017.

Four people were charged in connection to the murder. They are:

  • Mohamed Mafaz Hussain Saleem, G. Shaaraaz, K. Male’
  • Ali Nifaz, Vidhaathari, L. Gan
  • Hussain Shamin, Samantha, R. Innamaadhoo
  • Mohamed Karam Suhail, Havaas, GA. Gemanafushi

Charges against a fifth suspect, a minor, was dismissed by the Juvenile Court in 2018.

Nadheem Abdul Raheem (Nadey), 24, from HA. Thakandhoo. (File Photo/Facebook)

Mafaz was charged with murder using a sharp-edged weapon, while the other three were charged as accessories.

The court had originally been scheduled to issue the verdict in the case on March 31.

However, the court did not schedule a hearing until five months later, on August 21. The hearing wasn’t held to issue the verdict, but to clarify some additional information. At the hearing, Judge Hussain Faiz Rashad noted that the trial was one of the oldest cases being handled by his section, and said he expected to issue the verdict by September 15.

With September drawing to an end, the prosecution and the defense were called for a hearing Monday. However, the hearing was cancelled. The court has not disclosed the reason for the cancellation.

Some of the state’s witnesses in the case had later retracted their statements, while some had refused to give testimony.

Serial gang attacks had taken place in Male’ City after some of the witnesses testified. However, the rumors of a link between the testimony and attacks were never officially confirmed by authorities.