Prone to seizures all his life, Kanduhulhudhoo man was underwater for eight minutes after falling overboard

Irufan, 24.

Irufan, 24, had suffered from seizures all his life. The seizures came without warning; in the middle of work, or while doing something as simple as walking along a street. The seizures lasted two-three minutes. He suffered his last seizure on a ferry from GA. Gemanafushi to his home island GA. Kanduhulhudhoo Sunday. He fell overboard. He was pronounced dead upon arrival at the Gemanafushi Health Center.

Irufan worked at the Fenaka branch in Kanduhulhudhoo. The sudden death of the young man, remembered as a gentle and friendly soul, is a huge loss to all those who knew and loved him, as well as the entire community of Kanduhulhudhoo.

Irufan had been in GDh. Thinadhoo for five days to seek medical care. It is unclear what exactly he had been seeking medical care for. He boarded a MTCC ferry on Sunday to return back home. Gemanafushi had been the last transit stop before his home island.

Irufan, 24.

After speaking to eye witnesses, Kanduhulhudhoo councilman Simah Ibrahim told Sun Irufan and one of his relatives had headed to the front of the ferry the moment it took off from Gemanafushi. Irufan had been leaning against the chain at the front of the boat, and suffered a seizure and fell overboard shortly after the ferry took off.

“He went straight down. He would go down when he suffers a seizure right? One of the ferry’s crew and Irufan’s relative jumped overboard to rescue him,” said Simah.

“They said it took them some time to find him because he fell straight down. The people who tried to rescue him said it took eight minutes to pull him out.”

Irufan was taken to the Gemanafushi Health Center, located in the harbor area. He was unresponsive when he was brought in. The doctor confirmed the cause of death as drowning.

Irufan, 24.

His body was transported to Kanduhulhudhoo with assistance from MTCC. His funeral was held at midnight.

Simah said that given Irufan had a history of suffering seizures, his family did not wish for a further investigation into his death.

“The family accepts he died after suffering a seizure. They therefore do not want an investigation,” he said.

He is survived by his mother and six siblings.