Kanduhulhudhoo youth died after request lodged with Gender Ministry to take custody

Some residents of G. A Kanduhulhudhoo are seen on the streets of the island going about their business. (Sun Photo/Muzayyin Nazim)

Sun has learned that the GA. Kanduhulhudhoo youth who was discovered dead in the island’s lagoon during a search for him prompted by a missing person’s report is an individual that suffers from a mental illness.

Speaking to Sun, Kanduhulhudhoo Council’s Vice President Ibrahim Hussain said that Jamin Abdul Kareem, 24, who was discovered dead, had been suffering from a mental illness – which his family had disclosed to the council.

Ibrahim Hussain detailed that five months have passed since the council lodged a request with the Gender Ministry to assume custody of Jamin at the appeal of his family. However, he stressed Gender Ministry had not provided an adequate response regarding the matter to date.

“His family said that Jamin’s illness was prompted by an incident that occurred in 2018. However, the family did not disclose the details of the incident to the council,” he added.

Gender Ministry has not responded despite Sun’s repeated attempts to obtain a comment on the case.

Police said that Jamin was reported missing to the authority at approximately 4:45am early Friday morning as he did not get in contact with anyone after leaving his home at approximately 4:25am.

His body was discovered during search efforts in Kaduhulhudhoo lagoon alongside his motorbike.

Police noted doctors from Kaduhulhudhoo Health Centre reported that he was already dead when brought to the centre.

Disclosing no further details, police said that the case is under further investigation.