Radheef website relaunches with new updates

Dhivehi Bahuge Radheef website.

Dhivehi Bahuge Academy has relaunched the website for the Dhivehi Bahuge Radheef, the official Dhivehi language dictionary, with new updates.

The Radheef app was recently made available on iPad and tablet, in addition to iPhone and android phones.

The Radheef website, which previously did not have the updates available on the app, was relaunched with the new updates.

The Radheef app was designed with focus on promoting Maldivian culture and improving user convenience and knowledge.

The app has a word of the day, idiom of the day, and the Dhivehi-English word of the day with their meanings.

Dhivehi Bahuge Academy states that the website has now been streamlined, so it is consistent with the app.

Dhivehi Bahuge Academy states the purpose of the website and app was to familiarize people of all age groups with the Dhivehi language.