Fisheries Ministry fines two vessels engaging in illegal fishing

A vessel that illegally fished in the Maldivian EEZ. (Photo / Fisheries Ministry)

The Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture has fined two foreign vessels engaged in illegal fishing in Maldivian waters.

As per the ministry, after conducting a thorough investigation, the owners of these two vessels have been fined.

One vessel was fined MVR 600,000, which is MVR 500,000 for fishing illegally, and the remaining MVR 100,000 was for illegally entering Maldivian waters.

The second vessel was fined MVR 100,000 only. This was for entering the Maldivian waters to fish illegally.

The ministry further said that prior to fining, both vessels were granted the opportunity to provide explanations.

Additionally, the Fisheries Ministry said that once the fines were paid, the boats were granted permission to depart from Maldives.