Government: No political appointees without responsibilities

The Spokesperson of the President's Office Miuvaan Mohamed. (Photo/NEOC)

The Spokesperson of the President’s Office, Miuvaan Mohamed, on Thursday, stated that there are no political appointees within the government without responsibilities.

Miuvaan who was appointed to the post at the end of August held his first press conference on Thursday afternoon. Responding to a question posed by a journalist, Miuvaan said that the government was undertaking all efforts to cut down expenditure.

A follow up question was posed by a journalist – inquiring why individuals were still being appointed to political posts with high salaries despite instructions to cut down expenditure.

“There will be no political appointees without responsibilities. A person is appointed to a post when circumstances require to make the appointment for carrying out particular responsibilities under a system set down by the president. No person, will exist at any place, without undertaking any work,” he had said.

Miuvaan, who previously served as the Communications Director at Foreign Ministry, added that if required to improve operations of the government, they are ready to interchange resources amongst offices.

“Doing everything possible to cut down expenditure, including in matters related to staffing,” he stressed.

Finance Ministry sent a circular on June 20 to government offices, instructing to cut down expenditure in light of changes to the world economy. In this regard, the circular signed by Finance Minister Ibrahim Ameer, instructed government offices to halt introducing new posts and giving promotions.

The current coalition government has borne many political posts since inception – garnering much criticism from opposition parties and the public.

Many opposing political figures have expressed that government expenditure can only be reduced by eliminating political posts, and unnecessary spending.