Two foreigners arrested from Hiyaa Flat for engagement in homosexuality

An aerial view of Hiyaa Flats in Hulhumale' Phase II. (Sun Photo/Mohamed Hayyan)

Police, on Wednesday, has stated that they have arrested two foreigners from Hiyaa Flats developed at Hulhumale’ Phase II on suspicions of engaging in homosexuality.

In a statement released regarding the matter, Police said that officers attended a Hiyaa Flat unit upon receiving information that men were engaging in homosexuality.

“Two foreign men have been detained as suspects in connection to the case,” they said.

Police stressed that the case is under further investigation.

An individual had livestreamed the men engaging in homosexuality on Facebook after witnessing the scene from a window of a Hiyaa Flat unit.

The public have been urged to report such cases to police instead of publicizing it social media.