Shiaau’s murder: Body brought back after autopsy

Body of a brutally murdered woman at a home in Male' City bring transported on ambulance to Galolhu Mortuary on August 7, 2022. (Sun Photo/Mohamed Hayyan)

The body of Shiaau Mohamed Saeed, Kuri, Fuvahmulah City, who was brutally murdered last Saturday night has been brought back from abroad on Saturday after completing postmortem examinations.

The body was brought to Male' and taken to Galolhu Mortuary. 

Police had confirmed that her body was sent abroad for autopsy on August 11. 

Although the police did not disclose the country her body was sent to – Sun has learned that it was to India.

The murder occurred on the 9th floor of H. Sheereen Villa, which is located at Burevi Magu where Cibo Café is situated.

Police said that the crime was reported to authorities at approximately 23:18 pm on Saturday night. 

A suspect was arrested at a scene - renowned local skater, Ali Shaahil, 22, Finfenmaage, F. Nilandhoo. He was escorted in a hazmat suit to a police vehicle at 1:25 am on Sunday morning.

The suspect arrested; Shaahil has been remanded in police custody pending the outcome of his trial.

He was first taken to Galolhu Police Station after his arrest on early Sunday morning. He was later transported to Dhoonidhoo.

The victim, Shiaau’s body was transported to Gololhu Mortuary in an ambulance belonging to Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) on Sunday morning from the crime scene. Sun journalists who were at the scene reported that her body was loaded onto the ambulance in two separate body bags.

Sun has learned Shiaau sustained deep wounds in the attack – with parts of her body being mutilated. In this regard, her limbs were reported to have been completely dismembered. She also sustained deep wounds to her neck.

At a press conference held on Sunday evening, Police said that Shaahil was under influence at the time of his arrest.

They also confirmed having seized the weapon used to commit the murder from the crime scene.

Shiaau’s murder is considered one the most gruesome in the recent history of the island nation. This is as dismembering the body following a murder is extremely uncommon in the Maldives.