Maldivian: Viral video from last year, action already taken

Screengrab from viral video showing a captain of a Maldivian seaplane turn off the aircraft's left engine mid-air.

Island Aviation’s Deputy Managing Director Aishath Jennifer, on Wednesday, has stated that the video that recently went viral on social media showing the engine of a Maldivian seaplane being turned off mid-air is a video from last year – adding that action has also been taken against the captain seen in the video.

The video which had gone viral on Twitter shows the left-engine of a Maldivian seaplane being turned off by the captain mid-air. This is direct violation of aviation regulations.

The individual that shared the video had questioned who would take responsibility if anyone is harmed by such an act. Prior to this, a video showing a captain smoking a cigarette inside a Maldivian seaplane had gone viral as well.

Commenting on the matter, DMD Jennifer said that the video pertains to a case which has already concluded. She also stressed that Maldivian is a company that operations in adhere to Civil Aviation Regulation.

“We will always prioritize our customers’ safety and security. If an act by an employee which threats the safety and security of customers surfaces– the case will also be reviewed by Civil Aviation Authority and action will be taken,” she had said.