Iburey and Ahmed Abdulla elected as MDP’s deputy chairpersons

Ibrahim Waheed (Iburey) (R) and Ahmed Abdulla (L) who were elected as MDP's deputy chairpersons. (Sun Graphics/Ali Shaahin)

Ibrahim Waheed (Iburey) and Ahmed Abdulla have been elected as Maldivian Democratic Party’s (MDP) deputy chairpersons.

The only two individuals who contested for the posts were Iburey and Ahmed Abdulla. Therewith, both individuals have been elected without going for a vote.

In this regard, Fenaka Corporation’s Deputy Managing Director, MDP National Council’s Upper North President Iburey contested for the party’s Administrative Deputy Chairperson post – whilst parliamentary member for Baarah constituency Ahmed Abdulla contested for the party’s Financial Deputy Chairperson post. MP Ahmed Abdulla was holding the same post previously as well.

The term of deputy chairpersons currently in office is set to expire on October 25. Applications for the posts opened on last Monday, with the deadline set for today.

Following his re-election as MDP’s Financial Deputy Chairperson – MP Ahmed Abdulla said that his aim is to further strengthen the party, and ensure its success in the presidential election scheduled for next year.

“We will work collaboratively with everyone to strengthen the party, and render all assistance demanded by the chairperson. We will do everything in our capacity to strengthen the party,” he had said.