Seven atolls impacted by wave surges, some islands record irrevocable losses

Flooding in Th. Omadhoo due to wave surges prompted by severe weather. (Photo/Omadhoo Council)

National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) has stated that seven atolls from Central and Southern Maldives were impacted by wave surges on Friday – with some islands recording irrevocable losses.

As per the authority, the atolls which had reported wave surges are Alifu Dhaalu, Thaa, Laamu, Gaafu Alifu, Gaafu Dhaalu, Addu City and Lhaviyani.

From Alifu Dhaalu Atoll – Fenfushi experienced wave surges. Eight islands from Thaa Atoll experienced wave surges with flooding causing damage to eight houses in Kinbidhoo. Although residential areas in Guraidhoo were impacted by wave surges, NDMA reported that no houses were damaged.

Flooding in Th. Omadhoo due to wave surges prompted by severe weather. (Photo/Omadhoo Council)

Meanwhile, 35 houses from Gaadhiffushi, 60 houses from Madifushi, five houses from Dhiyamigili, 10 houses from Veymandoo and 15 houses from Omadhoo were damaged to different extents due to flooding. Although Thimarafushi was also impacted by wave surges, NDMA said that no damage to houses was reported.

In Laamu Atoll – Maavah saw wave surges with four housing recording damage due to flooding.

Five islands in Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll were significantly impacted by wave surges. In this regard, 98 percent of the houses in Madaveli were flooded – causing damage to different extents. Four families have been provided temporary shelter as well. One home in Faresmaathoda was severely damaged due to flooding – whilst Hoadedhoo, Fiyoari and Rathafandhoo also saw wave surges.

Flooding in GDh. Madaveli due to wave surges prompted by severe weather. (Photo/Madaveli Council)

Fifty houses in Addu City’s Maradhoo were damaged due to flooding – from which residents of two houses had been relocated. At Maradhoo-Feydhoo, 30 houses were damaged due to flooding.

Kurendhoo from Lhaviyani Atoll was impacted by wave surges while Naifaru saw flooding due to heavy rain.

Stressing that Maldives Metrological Service (Met Office) has warned of rain, strong winds, rough seas and thunder in Central and Southern Maldives in the next two days – NDMA had urged people to take caution in protecting themselves and their properties.