Over 60 families displaced due to wave surges

Damages to a house due to the weather. (Photo / Reader)

Over 60 families from across Maldives have been temporarily displaced due to the impacts of wave surges.

As per the information shared by the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), Maldives experienced swells from the early hours of Saturday till morning.

The authority noted that the southern atolls were most impacted by it.

Based on the data gathered by NMDA and island councils, so far 69 families have been temporarily moved from their homes to safer locations.

Moreover, 350 homes sustained various degrees of damage due to flooding.

Some of the most impacted islands were in Gdh Atoll, where in islands such as Madaveli, about 98 percent of the homes were affected. Meanwhile, in Hoadedhoo 58 percent and Rathafandhoo 90 percent of houses sustained more significant damages.

A total of 30 families were moved from the atoll.

In Thaa Atoll, another area greatly impacted, 30 families were displaced from Thimarafushi alone. Additionally, 90 percent of homes in Kinbidhoo and 60 percent homes in Madifushi were damaged.

Although the northern atolls have also been experiencing surges, no reports of extensive damages have been received.

Islands that suffered significantly:

-        Adh Fenfushi: Experienced surges and following a missing at sea incident, a youth passed from the island passed away.

-        Adh. Dhidhdhoo: Experienced surges, 10 homes flooded, 4 families displaced

-        L.Maavah: Major damages to 5o houses, two families displaced

-        Addu: About 50 families displaced from Maradhoofeydhoo

Unfortunately, some of the more agricultural islands that experienced surges and flooding had most of their crops ruined completely.

The Maldives Metrological Service (Met Office) has warned of more wave surges, with waves at 5-8 feet high.