Yameen: Will prioritize who didn’t get Hiyaa Flats after receiving award letters in our govt.

PPM's leader, former President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayyoom. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

PPM’s leader, former President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom has stated that individuals that did not receive Hiyaa Flats after being served award letters would be prioritized when granting flats during a PPM’s administration.

In an interview given to local media ‘Voice’ – Yameen said that the individuals which were served award letters for Hiyaa Flats during his administration were those that were most entitled to it.

He added that individuals that had not gotten Hiyaa Flats after receiving award letters have the right to file cases at court. He also stressed that such individuals will be prioritized in a PPM’s administration.

“We served award letters correctly. To those entitled. Those who have not gotten the flats after receiving award letters can also go to court as well. Commitments pledged previously in our government would be honored,” he had said.

Speaking further, Yameen said that additional housing projects will be undertaken in a PPM’s administration.

He also said that it would be irresponsibly for him to now say that Hiyaa Flats’ rent would be lowered in a PPM’s administration – noting this would only be viewed as a political remark.

Yameen explained that the current administration’s expenses and debt details need to be known when making such a decision.

Nevertheless, he said with reference to aforesaid matters, if there is slightest chance of lowering the rent, it will be done.

Yameen alleges that when the current administration publicized the list of Hiyaa Flat winners – some names listed during PPM’s administration had been omitted.

At present, Hiyaa Flat tenants pay MVR 8,500 as rent; inclusive of a maintenance fee.

Dr. Mohamed Muizzu, who was serving as the Housing Minister back when Hiyaa Housing Project commenced, described setting the rent at an amount higher than MVR 5,600 per month as outrageous.

Stressing that MVR 5,600 per month was decided as the rent of Hiyaa Flats during Yameen’s administration – he highly criticized the current administration for charging higher.

Nevertheless, the government said that the rent cannot be lowered any further as it would lead to losses.