New power house in L. Maamendhoo after 35 years

The new power house in L.Maamendhoo. (Photo / Fenaka Corporation)

Fenaka Corporation revealed that the old powerhouse used in Laamu Atoll Maamendhoo for the past 35 years has been completely closed, and usage of the new one has officially commenced.

The corporation stated that the old powerhouse was shut down as there were difficulties in providing adequate services to the people from there.

Revealing details of the new powerhouse, Fenaka said that it is160 square feet in total. Some of the main areas included are an engine room, control room, chimney, workshop and pantry.

Additionally, there is an office section with an admin office, meeting room, rest room, manager room, storage and pantry.

A total of 25 employees will be hired for the new office, said Fenaka.

The company has been replacing and upgrading old power housing being used on the island for a long period of time.