Vilimale’ WDC by-election: EC to recheck two ballot papers complaints were filed over

Combined photos of Aishath Sheeza (L) who represented Maldives National Party (MNP) and Fathimath Nazima (R) represented Preogressive Party of Maldives (PPM) in Vilimale’ Women’s Development Committee (WDC) by-election.

Elections Commission (EC), on Monday, has announced its decision to recheck two ballot papers complaints were filed over in the by-election for the vacant seat of Vilimale’ representative in Male’ City Council’s Women’s Development Committee (WDC).

Underscoring having received many complaints regarding the by-election which was held on last Saturday – EC, in a statement publicized this evening, said following their review of the received complaints, they had decided to recheck the last two ballot papers.

Maldives National Party’s (MNP) candidate, Aminath Sheeza, that contested in the by-election had requested a recount of the votes. The party had previously alleged that ‘mix-ups’ were made in counting the ballots.

MNP’s Vice President, Vilimale’ MP Ahmed Usham told Sun that the party’s observers reported having witnessed illegitimate ballots being counted as legitimate ballots and vice versa during the counting process.

He stressed that the observations made by his party representatives and the difference of a single vote between the two candidates were legitimate reasons for a recount.

As per the preliminary results, Progressive Party of Maldives’ candidate Fathimath Nazima won the by-election with 359 votes. Meanwhile, MNP’s candidate, Sheeza, received 358 votes.

Vilimale’ seat in Male’ City Council’s WDC became vacant with the death of Aminath Eman, who was holding the seat. Eman passed away on March 1, whilst on ventilator at ADK Hospital after sustaining critical injuries in a road accident in Hulhumale’ on February 27.