Shipment of Saudi-donated dates arrives in Maldives

The shipment of dates donated by the Saudi government was delivered to Maldives on May 6, 2022. (Photo/Islamic Ministry)

The shipment of dates donated by Saudi Arabia to Maldives for this year’s Ramadan has arrived in Maldives. 

The Saudi government donates dates to Maldives for Ramadan each year. 

However, this year’s shipment arrived in Maldives on Friday, after Ramadan ended. 

Islamic Minister Dr. Mohamed Zahir Ali told Sun that though the shipment is now in Maldives, the distribution of the dates will begin once a delegation of Saudi government officials arrives in Maldives. 

Zahir said that the shipment of dates has yet to be officially handed over to the Maldivian government. 

The Saudi delegation is set to arrive in Maldives for the official handover next week. 

“The dates are now in Maldives. The distribution will begin once a Saudi delegation arrives next week,” he said. 

The Saudi government donated 50 tonnes of dates to Maldives.