ADK’s wall vandalized with ‘India Out’ graffiti; hospital condemns act

ADK Hospital's wall vandalized with ‘India Out’ graffiti. (Photo/VNews)

ADK Hospital has voiced condemnation after the wall of the private hospital in Male’ City was vandalized with ‘India Out’ graffiti. 

ADK Hospital’s Managing Director Ahmed Afaal told Sun that the hospital found such graffiti on health service centers completely unacceptable. 

“We don’t use any text or slogan on the walls of our hospital except our own,” he said. 

Afaal said the hospital condemned the act in the harshest terms. 

“We will inform authorities of such incidents. We believe this is very wrong,” he said. 

The perpetrators of the act remain unclear. 

‘India Out’ is a political campaign led by the opposition to protest against Indian military presence in Maldives.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih issued a decree banning the ‘India Out’ movement on April 21, deeming it a threat to national security.

However, the opposition continued to put up banners and graffiti the walls of buildings with slogans linked to the movement.

President Solih said in his decree that the ‘India Out’ movement was a deliberate attempt to hinder the longstanding relations between Maldives and India, and international efforts to maintain security in the region, and that incitement to hatred against a specific country put Maldives at risk of loss of peace and stability, huge economic and social burden, and isolation in the international arena.