Vilufushi Council to sponsor one resident for hajj each year

Th. Vilufushi. (Photo/PSM)

Th. Vilufushi Council has made the decision to sponsor a resident of the island for hajj pilgrimage each year.

Vilufushi Council announced in a statement that it will cover the expenses for hajj pilgrimage for one resident from the island each year, starting this year.

Applications were opened for residents who wish to apply for sponsorship this year on last Thursday.

Applicants need to meet certain requirements in order to be eligible for sponsorship.

The applicants must be first-time hajj pilgrims, residents of Vilufushi, and lack the financial means to cover expenses for a hajj trip themselves.

They must also be above the age of 50 years, be able to live unassisted, and must not be under investigation for a crime or convicted of and serving a sentence for a crime.

Eligible applicants have been asked to submit their application form, along with a photocopy of the two side of their national ID card, a police report taken less than three months ago, and six-month bank statement.

The deadline for applications is 02:00 pm on May 13.

Applications can be submitted either in-person, or online via email.