WAMCO to begin billing Hiyaa tenants next month

Towers built under the Hiyaa Housing Project in Hulhumale'. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Waste Management Corporation (WAMCO) has announced it will begin tenants of the Hiyaa units in Hulhumale’ Phase II for waste collection services next month.

WAMCO had made the decision to hold off billing Hiyaa tenants back in January.

WAMCO, in a statement on Monday, noted that given the large number of families now living in the Hiyaa units, the corporation had been providing uninterrupted daily waste collection services in the area.

“Therefore, customers will be billed for WAMCO’s service starting May 1, 2022,” announced the corporation.

The monthly payment for waste collection services for Hiyaa units is MVR 150.

WAMCO stressed that the service was for daily household waste collection, and that customers who require disposal of heavier and bulkier waste need to use the Call and Pick Up Service (CAPS).

The corporation has advised customers who wish to book CAPS or need additional information regarding the bill for Hiyaa units to call the hotline 1666 during open hours.