Allied launches ‘Ramadan Motor Campaign’ with discounted comprehensive motor plans

Allied Insurance Company launches ‘Ramadan Motor Campaign’. (Photo/Allied)

Allied Insurance Company, alongside its Islamic window, Ayady Takaful, has launched their ‘Ramadan Motor Campaign’.

Allied said that heavily discounted rate of comprehensive motor plans will be offered in this campaign which will stretch out from today until April 22.

They further detailed that with the purchase of every single comprehensive plan – a free voucher for home content plan providing coverage for household goods, fixtures and fittings and personal effects will be received.

Whilst coverage up to MVR 150,000 is offered in this plan – the plan may be redeemed and gifted to other people online.

‘Ramadan Motor Campaign’ has commenced with major discounts from 20 percent to 25 percent. With comprehensive motor plans – the cost of safeguarding motorcycles has been lowered to MVR 695. Meanwhile, the cost of safeguarding vehicles such as cars and jeeps have been lowered to a range of MVR 2,875.

Providing full coverage for vehicles – comprehensive motor plans cover a wide range of scenarios including damages incurred by fires or flooding, intentional damage by a third party, damages incurred from falling objects.

Stressing the importance of having full coverage for vehicles that are driven on the busy roads of Male’ City, Allied underscored that although government mandated third party motor plans only provide coverage for a third party and their vehicle – comprehensive motor plans provide coverage for holder and holder’s vehicle.

Therefore, Allied said that benefits of comprehensive motor plans are two-fold. They added that comprehensive motor plans are a solution for the issue of lack of coverage for own vehicle although insurance plans are subscribed to from own money.

Allied noted that their aim is to raise awareness regarding the beneficial services offered by the company to the public through this Ramadan promotion.