Ooredoo Maldives launches SuperNet Fixed Broadband services in GDh. Hoadedhoo

G. Dh. Hoadedhoo.

Ooredoo Maldives, on Monday, has announced the launch of its SuperNet Fixed Broadband services in GDh. Hoadedhoo.

Commenting on the launch, Ooredoo’s Chief Commercial Officer Hussain Niyaz said this was an opportunity for Hoadedhoo residents to harness connections using digital means.

“We are continuously upgrading our services with added benefits and with recent revamp of our home broadband packages are now clubbed with the best in the market benefits including bigger data allowances, higher speeds and data rollover service. We reassure you that we will remain committed to the people of the Maldives and contribute to the socio-economic development of our communities,” he added.

In line with Ooredoo’s aim to provide affordable services, the telecom company recently revamped its SuperNet plans providing up to 5 times the Internet speeds, and up to 100% bigger allowances including SuperNet add-ons with much faster throttled speeds.

The company also, for the first time in Maldives, introduced ‘Data Rollover’ to all SuperNet customers, where unused data at the end of the month will be carried forward and added to the next month’s package inclusive data.

Ooredoo also recently announced its SuperNet Voice service providing crystalline landline services suited for home offices and small businesses.

The telecom company stated that its SuperNet services are optimized for popular applications such as Facebook, Youtube, Netflix, etc – so customers can truly enjoy the internet at the best prices available in the market.