Hanimaadhoo School library funded by BML Community Fund

BML's Community Fund helps develop the library in Hdh. Hanimaadhoo School. (Photo / BML)

Bank of Maldives (BML) fund the development of the library at Hdh. Hanimaadhoo School, under its Community Fund.

According to BML, the project was initiated by Hanimaadhoo Zuvaanunge Jamiyya – a local NGO on the island.

With the grant, a special reading corner dedicated for SEN class students was developed, in addition to getting more bookshelves, tables and chairs for the library.

Moreover, 700 books were added to the library’s collection, of which 450 were procured through the Community Fund. The remaining books were received as gifts and donations from the community.

Speaking about the project, the President of Hanimaadhoo Zuvaanunge Jamiyya Hussain Waheed said that their aim was to refurbish the library to cater for the increased demand for such a facility on the island.

“By adding new books, more chairs and tables as well as a dedicated space for SEN class students, we have been able to create an environment where more children can develop interest to read and learn.”

He further expressed gratitude for all the members of the NGO and all others who supported them through the project.

BML’s Community Fund is an initiative by the bank to empower individuals to contribute to their communities through sustainable projects. Through the fund, BML has supported areas such as education, environment, sports and community development.

Currently, BML is evaluating proposals received for the first quarter of this year.