Special promotion for Ramadan from MIB’s Ujaalaa Dhiriulhun

Head office of Maldives Islamic Bank. (Sun Photo)

Maldives Islamic Bank (MIB) announced special promotion under its ‘Ujaalaa Dhiriulhun’ scheme for Ramadhan.

As per MIB, customers can take part in the promotion and win prizes by purchasing everyday goods such as home appliances or electronics through the Ujaalaa Dhiriulhun scheme.

Any individual who is employed with a company registered at MIB and rental income earners can use the scheme for purchasing goods.

 Additionally, MIB stated that the promotion was valid from February 15 till April.

Prices allocated for winners of the promotion:

-         1st price winner: Scoopy 2022 motorcycle

-         2nd price winner: Apple iPhone 13 max pro

-         3rd price winner: 65-inch smart tv

Moreover, the bank's customers will be eligible for various discounts offered by their partner's shops as well.

MIB’s Ujaalaa Dhiriulhun is designed to assist individuals to purchase lifestyle consumer goods. A variety of goods ranging from phones to electronics, furniture, kitchenware and construction materials can be bought from the scheme.

This is the first facility in Maldives that is based on the Islamic finance concept of Murabaha.