Minimum bid price lowered for airport development projects in 6 islands

A Maldivian flight flies over Maafaru Airport. (File Photo/Sun/Ahmed Awshan Ilyas)

Planning Ministry has re-posted an invitation to tender for development of domestic airports in six islands in Maldives, after lowering the original minimum bid price. 

The Planning Ministry had posted the original invitation to tender in December last year. The minimum bid price then was listed as USD 5 million. 

The price has now been lowered to USD 3 million. 

Planning Ministry is also now offering the option of either financing an airport in its entirety, or partially. 

The invitation to tender was extended to develop or finance the development of domestic airports in six islands under the regulation on lease of islands, land and lagoon for tourism as cross-subsidy. 

The islands open for airport development under the model are: 

  • HDh. Makunudhoo 
  • Sh. Bilehfahi 
  • B. Thulhaadhoo 
  • Th. Vilufushi 
  • F. Magoodhoo 
  • R. Atoll (southern end) 

Planning Ministry has also listed the projected cost for the development of airports in the six islands. They are: 

  • HDh. Makunudhoo: USD 23.3 million 
  • Sh. Bilehfahi: USD 23.6 million 
  • B. Thulhaadhoo: USD 21.9 million 
  • Th. Vilufushi: USD 33.3 million 
  • F. Magoodhoo: USD 8.2 million 
  • R. Atoll (southern end): USD 23.6 million