Dr. Anara leaves Adhaalath Party

Dr. Anara Naeem (L) with Adhaalath Party's leader Imran Abdulla (R). (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Dr. Anara Naeem, the former parliamentary representative for Makunudhoo, has asked to leave Adhaalath Party (AP). 

Anara told Sun on Wednesday that she decided to leave AP because she “couldn’t continue to move forward with the party anymore”. 

Anara said she does not want to be involved in any political party at this time, but has no intention of leaving politics altogether. 

She said she would decide her next move in politics later. 

Dr. Anara Naeem. (Photo/People's Majlis)

“I event wrote the thesis for my PhD on the Maldivian political arena. I can only work in politics,” she said. 

Anara, who entered politics as a member of AP, was serving as a member of the party’s Council of Scholars. 

She has thanked party members, including the leadership, for their support and cooperation during her time with the party.