Adhaalath deny party reps welcomed Muizzu in Fuvahmulah

The welcome party for Dr Muizzu as he arrived in Fuvahmulah. Some supports were dressed in AP colors. (Photo / PPM)

Adhaalath Party (AP) on Sunday revealed that those wearing green tshirts among those that turned up to welcome opposition coalition’s presidential candidate Dr Mohamed Muizzu were not members of the party. 

From the pictures and videos of the welcome hosted for Dr Muizzu in Fuvahmulah some people wearing the shade of green used by AP were seen.

The party called this out on the day of the event itself, and has now shared via twitter that this was a scam by the opposition. 

“This a desperate campaign from PNC over the despair from the lack of support for Dr Muizzu. The use of Adhaalath party colors is a scam to depict there is support for Muizzu.”

AP has released the identities of nine of the 13 people who were in the party colors. All nine people are not members of AP as per them. 

Notably, Dr Muizzu who is currently the candidate representing both Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) and Peoples National Congress (PNC), began his political career in AP. He left the party to join MDA, and then PPM. Finally, in order to contest the presidential elections, he joined PNC. Muizzu’s candidacy is on a PNC ticket, but will be under the same leadership as PPM. 

During the previous election which saw President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih win, AP joined the coalition that was formed to prevent the re-election of former President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayyoom.